So by now I realized I really enjoy painting. This is something I want to stick with and continue to do. Despite my new friend Mikey’s life sentence, being charged with using and distributing marijanna, his days are numbered as he qualified for clemency and is awaiting the day he will return to society.
He offered all his paintings tools to me upon his release. I decided to take a painting class, so I could have my own locker in recreation, and order my own supplies. I picked this subject from a fellow inmate’s book of work by another artist. I like his subjects, and his style. I change a few things, to make it my own. For example, I didn’t add the deer, and left out some of the trees in this landscape. I was happy how this turned out. I specifically liked how the moon reflected off the lake. It was beautiful.
My wife’s Aunt contacted me while I was painting this landscape. Aunt Kat, asked me to paint a happy place for her, and she described a lake in northern New York, where she frequently visited years ago. As she described the setting to me, I thought of this landscape. It made me think about how I use these paintings as my “happy place”. It’s a way to escape the craziness of the surroundings.
I realized the joy I’m experiencing in painting, has made the rate at which I am creating pieces is beyond what my wife’ apartment can only hold. I asked some close friends to help me share these paintings and in no time, they launched a website for me to blog and display my artwork. We hope that I will be able to sell the art work to support myself, and someday help support my family. Never the less, I enjoy painting, I am eager to learn and become better, and hopeful someday others will enjoy these paintings too.