Thorns on the Journey

I wrote a book, (well kind of), while incarcerated in Haiti. I named it “The Journey.” Again, I find myself writing about my experiences while incarcerated in the U.S. I I picked this field (not many people around me understood the why behind this subject), but this made me think of “The Journey”. Like the image, my life has had some cracks in it, and plenty of rocks. Both life and death in nature surround the path. At the end of it you see green trees and mountains. Plenty of life. The sky is dark, threatening a storm. The journey I’m on is surrounded by life and death. I walk the path that is broken at times with rocks in the way. But I look forward to the promise, the promise of life everlasting in Heaven with my Father. I press onward, with the hope of the end. So no matter where I am on my journey today, I know it has a happy ending. I am secure in knowing I have eternal life in heaven. It makes the journey yesterday, today, and tomorrow more bearable because I know the end. This is what inspired this painting.