By Still Waters

I learn so much each landscape I paint. I learn about painting. I learn about mixing colors. I learn about perspective. I learn about projecting images. I learn about complementary colors. I learn about shadowing and light source. I learn about nature. I learn about myself. Something I’ve known about myself for 20 years now is that I am color blind. Well it came out boldly in this landscape.
I painted the trees florescent green, instead of sage green, or light green. I don’t think my friend who was teaching me believed that I was color blind before this point. This landscape was a struggle for me to paint from the beginning.
As I projected this image my lines were too dark, and hard to cover with paint. Painting is usually done in stages: starting at the farthest back. However, if those colors aren’t right, it throws off the entire painting. Well my colors weren’t right. I spent a lot of time fixing this landscape. It didn’t really come together all that well until the very end.
I learned a lot with this painting. Each step has to be done well, not rushed, for the next step to look good. Even though most of the first stage of painting is eventually’s still the background, and still has to be done right. I learned how to paint rocks. I learned how to paint moving water (never said I learned well...just said I learned) (or am learning) This was a picture of another artist work, I love his subjects, and style of painting.
Like many of the paintings I choose, this one too is based on family memories. We’ve gone hiking in dozens of State parks, along rivers and waterfalls, on mountain trails, Leann would google places, and we would pack up the kids, and spend days driving, hiking, driving. We thought this was great fun. I have great memories of so many places that we visited as a family.
I am proud to say Leann keeps this tradition going as best as she can. I receive pictures of these adventures. I enjoyed painting this landscape, like all the others, it took my mind outside of these prison walls.