He has Risen

He has risen indeed. Being incarcerated, I lose track of time, days, weeks, months, and holidays. I just learned that this weekend is daylight savings change, I was like so? How does that affect us?( LOL) Well, I guess that means it’s about springtime: so as we go through Lent, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Passover, Easter, Jesus’s Death and Resurrection, I have taken upon myself to do some religious painting. I feel that this can be my way of honoring the Lord and remembering His sacrifice. I am working on my third painting now.
My former cellie is an artist, a great drawer (is that a word?) So, I gave him a few blank canvas to draw religious outlines for me to paint. I’m excited about how they are turning out. It has been nice having them in my cell as they dry.
On one painting I wrote Romans 3:23-26. It is a depiction of a heart with a crown of thorns around it, fire coming out of it and a Rosary coming down. The other has John 3:16 on it, and is the crown of thorns, with the silhouette of the three crosses with Jesus on the center Cross, with a dove above and light coming down on Jesus. The final picture is of Praying hands holding a rosary. I am not sure if they will sell, but I enjoyed painting them, and hope someone will enjoy them someday.