Man and Dog On Hunt

This subject came from an old calendar. It caught my eye as I was just learning to paint. I thought silhouettes were a good subject matter. I thought it would be an easy paint. Well it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Blending the colors of the sunset and making the tall grass look crisp was much harder than I thought it would be. As I painted this landscape, I talked to my wife and kids frequently. Throughout the weeks, Leann made it clear she had no desire for a man with a gun hanging in her home. So I reached out to some close friends and asked if they would be willing to receive some of my art, I don’t think they fully knew what they were committing too, but they graciously said yes. This is my first subject I have painted twice. The first one close friends in Texas purchased. I thought of them as I painted it, thinking they would enjoy it. This was the first painting I ever sold. In the first landscape, the dog looked more fat, and was unhappy with that, so I corrected that on the second one. I thought painting a second time, would make it easier, but that wasn’t the case as I struggled blending the sunset. I wanted it to reflect the sun and not look like a rainbow. I had suggestions from other inmates to leave off the gun, but I liked that aspect of it. While painting this, I learned how to be careful in mixing and blending colors, as it can easily be made into mud, a mixture of colors all mixed together. Not sure which version came out better, but I enjoyed both, and learned a lot while painting them.