Man and Girl

Seven years ago, ended the saga of my 5 months incarceration (and two days) in Haiti. Upon being released I had 3 pilot friends offer to fly over and transport me back to the US. So, after two days of celebrating my release with the Haitian orphanage kids, I flew back to Florida in a private plane. I landed on the tarmac in Sarasota Florida, with dozens of friends and family awaiting me. Ryann, then 6, didn’t know I was coming in. As I deplaned, I heard her yell, “daddy”, and she ran and jumped in my arms. I just knelt down with my arms extended. It was a great day reuniting with my family and friends. Leann was nine months pregnant with Joseph and gave birth to him just two days later. You can’t help but smile at a child’s joy to be reunited with a parent. I hope someone will enjoy this painting, as I enjoyed painting it in my cell.