Brilliant Sunset

My friend Mikey had hundreds of subjects. They included cut outs from magazines over the years, pictures, and postcards from his friends and family. This particular subject was a postcard. It caught my eye for several reasons. First, I loved the orange sunset. One of my closest friend’s favorite color is orange. We helped him to plant a Church many years ago, and “Orange” was the theme of that “Uncommon Church.”
I debated on where the image was taken and have concluded it might be on the east coast. I decided for the first time not to paint exactly what I saw. In this postcard, on the side of the mountain there was a hotel pertruding out from it. On the shore line, there were other buildings and a cell phone tower, as well as what looked like a barge in the water. I didn’t include any sign of inhabitants and kept this landscape “pure nature.” It reminded me vividly of Haiti, specifically of Kay Jamel in the evening time. I greatly enjoyed painting this landscape and learned the power of the sun and its reflection. The typical colors I’d use for water are blue and green, but yet this time of day the water resembled orange and violet. I enjoyed painting the palm trees poking out of the side of the mountain where the hotel was located. It brought back many of the happy memories I had while serving in Haiti for over a decade and the many days we spent at the surrounding beaches. My father in law purchased this painting and proudly hung in his house. He said he hopes someday it will be worth millions, funny. Sorry to disappoint you dad, that won’t happen. Hope to sell some prints of it though.