Dead Tree

Well some may call it a fetish, I’m not ready to label it as that. I am finishing my 12th oil painting and I realized that half of my paintings include or have a "dead tree" in it. I find myself really enjoying painting and painting trees, dead trees at that. As always I spend too much time thinking things through, and I self analyze too. I wonder why I’m drawn to dead trees. I thought of blaming my wife, as she loves trees, she loves to climb trees, she painted dead trees herself, and the logo of our organization, Kenbe Fem, was one of a dead tree and its roots. My mind also goes to scripture talking about having fruit, and apart from me (God) we are dead or can do nothing. So do I feel separated from God? Do I feel disconnected? Sometimes I do, in all honesty. Then it occurred to me that my trees aren’t necessarily dead, they are more dormant. I wonder what I have to offer this world? What do I have to offer my family. What do I have to offer anyone being incarcerated” Am I dormant? Does God still have plans for my life? Do I still have a purpose? Not sure why meaning is so important to me, but it is. Interesting thoughts.