Painting Pictures

As I run thin on subjects to paint, at least ones I get excited about, I begin to paint photographs. I’ve started with the first few for friends and family members. Tehis week I tackled painting a picture I have of me and the kids. So hard!
Forget the emotions of remembering each aspect and detail of the event I’m painting. I clearly remember where we were, when it was. I can rememb the clothes the kids wore along with so many of the details.
Our backs are to the camera as the sun is going down looking over Lake Georgetown, in Texas. This photo was taken 6 years ago. It was before Anna Joy was born. I’m just painting skin tones, ears and trying to make me look thinner, and not hunched over. I’m giving myself more hair but making it still look like me! I’ve been working for hours, so I guess it’s good we are locked down. There have been no interruptions. I am too critical sometimes, but I’m really enjoy doing this. Painting images of people that I most love is pure joy. Hope it turns out to look even a little like them. LOL