Change Is Good

The beginning of the year I moved back to my original unit and re united with old friends. I enjoyed my few months there and it gave me a chance to learn a lot about painting as well as the chance to paint in my cell daily. It gave me the opportunity to form new relationships. At the same time it was some of my lowest moments of my incarceration as I allowed my depression to consume me. My walk with Christ suffered as I drifted away. God has been teaching me so much about His love for me, and for my family. My joy and desire to follow and serve Him was reignited. I made a decision to re join the Life Connection Community and to start daily faith based course work in the intensive 18 month program. I began classes just a week ago, and moved back on the unit this past Friday. It has been a good change. A needed change. I feel that I am in a better place emotionally and am ready for many more challenges that lie ahead. I am excited about the change and look forward to see what God does in and through me in the years to come.