Panic Button

We have a panic button in our cells as the guards typically ignore inmates yelling or beating on the doors. In most cells, someone has written on the button: push for room service. All joking aside, the guards HATE when you push the button, emergency or not.
Lately, I cringe when I hear that alarm go off, as it typically means someone has fallen out on a drug overdose and their cellie is freaking out. Which means the unit will be locked down, and then searched. It happens about twice a month on this unit. We have lots of alcohol and drugs on this unit.
Well it was pushed again and this time it was a real emergency. The guards responded, and called medical, and until they responded, they took the cellie out and locked him in the shower, until the situation was resolved.
This alarm is different from the constant beeping of the metal detector. Police respond slowly, medical responds even slower. When medical finally comes, they bring a stretcher and they carry the inmate down the stairs, unconscious, bleeding from his head, dragging his feet behind him, in hand cuffs behind his back. The stretcher stays at the bottom of the stairs and when they get him to the stretcher, they put him on his back still handcuffed. Ouch. I’m sure he was glad he was unconscious. They wheel him out with no sense of urgency. It’s no big deal here to have someone overdose and possibly die. It’s just another day.
According to his cellie, he didn’t overdose. He had a seizure and fell from the top bunk. They still have to investigate and this caused us to be locked down for another week.
Prison is not the best place to get sick or to get injured, as it takes so much time for anyone to respond to a medical emergency. Inmates walk around on broken limbs for months, literally.