Pears on Blue

This was my first effort at what is called “still life”. I just think of them as pictures women hang in their kitchen. I learned that detail and shadowing are essentials in painting still life. I had a difficult time blending the different shades of these pairs. The canvas kept showing through, which annoyed me. The highlight of this painting for me was learning how to paint a water drop. It is intense and difficult, easy and fun, all at the same time. This was also the first painting I painted in my cell.
I moved units this month and one of the few advantages is I am allowed to paint in my cell. This comes in handy with lock downs when we are confined to our cells. My cellie in this unit is an 87 year old bank robber. He enjoys watching me paint. This seems to be a “win win”. I can double my productivity and keep my mind much more busy with now painting at recreation and in my cell.