Real Work

Well being incarcerated technically you are suppose to work...I say that lightly because most jobs pay between $5.00 and $20.00 a month, but at the same time, most jobs don’t expect much from you. My job at recreation is no exception. Most days, I just go up there and paint my paintings daily...I do clean up the sink after I rinse out my brushes and keep my area clean. That, however, is the extent of it. This week it was time to wax the floors, and I volunteered to help. I’m glad I did! I spent the last week waking up early to strip, wax and buff the floor for about 10 hours each day. It was nice to feel physically tired. I was proud of what I had help get accomplished. People were curious if I got paid extra, or was given an incentive...but no, I just miss “real work. “ I miss having a purpose, outside of painting. May sound crazy, but It was nice to be tired and sore for a week.