Blessed Beyond Measure

I keep in close contact with my wife and kids almost daily by email and three to four times a week by phone. Leann made a comment last week about not wanting to be portrayed as a victim too much. That has caused me to think about that term a lot more. On one aspect, I am a victim, and so is she, and the kids. We are victims of a broken system. We were victimized by hurt and confused children. I could go on, but I think you get my point. But after a few minutes (hours/days/weeks/months sometimes) of feeling sorry for myself, I came to realize how right she is. (she usually is by the way). I look around and see hundreds and thousands of broken lives, broken families, broken men. And I realize that I am, that we are, blessed beyond measure. I can see God’s blessings on my life in the last ten minutes, in the last hour, in the last day, in the last week, in the past month, and even in the past year. Being a victim or being blessed all depends on your perspective and what you choose to see. I bet in your circumstances as well, you will find the same ability to see blessings if you step back and look objectively. You will see what I see. Despite our trials, despite our losses, despite our failures, despite ourselves, we have been blessed beyond measure. Choose today to count your blessings instead of listing your hardships. You will be surprised at what you see like I was.