“Injustice”, it seems to be a strange term to think about as I sit in a US penitentiary. However, I am sensitive about injustice. I remember a few such injustices that I’ve witnessed of during my incarceration. Often I react, I respond, I defend the victim, the under-dog. ( the one who is a victim of the injustice)
In Miami, the injustice occurred to a Haitian man giving a haircut with a straight razor. He was hauled off to the SHU. (Solitary Housing Unit)
Here in Terre Haute, injustice occurred when another inmate was taking advantage and bullying another inmate who happens to be disabled. Oddly, I find myself being more defensive of others injustice, then I do my own.
Well this week yet again injustice occurred. I’ve worked in the Chapel for 8 months before recently moving to work in recreation. Working in Recreation, allows me more time to paint. During my time working at the Chapel, I worked with a female guard, she was the administrative assistant to the Chaplains. I never had any issues with her, but I witnessed several aggressive encounters that she had with other inmates. The action that bothered her was if an inmate had his hand in his pocket. If she saw this, she would get pretty worked up and yell at inmates time and time again.
Well she was on sick leave towards the end of my working in the Chapel, and I guess when she came back she began to work CMS, which maintains the units and grounds. I observed her this week on our unit climbing a ladder to fix the metal detector. (It is still not fixed by the way) (Infact, it just beeps randomly now ALL the time, Unfortunately, I hear it in my annoying). Well I regress.
While she was fixing the metal detector, I was on the computer typing, and another inmate was 10 feet away on the phone, talking with his kids. The inmate was resting his hand on his hip, with his pointer finger and middle finger inside the elastic of his shorts. And all the sudden I hear this female yell "hey inmate get your fxxxx hand out of your fxxxx pants" I was alarmed and looked around, and even checked my self, making sure she wasn’t talking to me. She repeated the same explicative order again. The man on the phone gestures to her to ask if she is talking to him. She acknowledged loudly that she was and he quickly removed his fingers from his waistband. He continued the phone call with his family. She yelled again at him to keep his hands out of his pants. At this time, there are about 70 other inmates around in the common area hearing and observing this behavior. The guard found our unit officer, also a female and reported to her, and the man on the phone was hauled off to SHU (Solitary Housing).