The Dropout Yard

Almost all United States Penitenteries are considered an active yard. Which means a lot of the runnings is run by the inmate population. Primarily gangs. Every inmate is in a gang, whether you choose one or not. Even the "independant" is considered a gang, with a leader, a shock collar, a creed, and a purpose. Officers house you based on the "car" or gang, you are in, the gang you are affliated with. Gangs primarily are created from orintation, (where you come from, ie boston/Dallas/DC etc) race or ethnicitiy, religion, and proof to enter the gang and work to put in to enter a gang or remain in a gang is common. Similar to a fraternity. There are currently three USP that are not active yards, they are considered a "drop out" yards. These are inmates in protective custody, (PC) or with high level, (care lever 3) need of care. They also include gang drop outs, informants, told on, or corporated with the government, as well as majority of sex offenders, guy, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals. They are housed in one of three prisons, Terre Haute is on, Tusan Arizonia another, and the third in Coleman Florida. These yards you have to sign an aggreement that you are "no longer" affliated with a gang, and or will target individuals in PC. There is A LOT less of killings, stabbings, riots, and violence in drop out yards, the guards have more control, it still exsists but less then you will find in active yards. When I learned Id be going to a drop out yard, I wasnt pleased, but now I am here I realize I would have never survived a day in an active yard. The politics still exsist but much less then an active yard. There still is specific tables you sit at based on your ethnicity/race, charges, where your from, and what you believe. Specific televisions you watch, specific people you hang out with and cell with, etc. It sounds still very clickish or gang like the only difference is there isnt expectations of work to do to earn your way in, ie you dont have to stab someone to be accepted. As any serious violence happens in a PC yard the individuals are sent to the highest security ADX or can be placed back on an active yard, and people that have spent ANY time in a drop out yard would not be welcome or survive in an active yard, in a sence you are signing your own death sentence. Terre Haute has around 2,000 inmates in 8 different buildings or areas. General population are people with high level violent offences, or a lot of time to serve, like myself. Death Row is housed here, the only Federal prison still having a Death Row, but we dont see them, as they are locked down 24/7. We are incarcerated with a vast majority of serial killers, murders, rapest, theives, drug dealers, and terrorists, and the list goes on. We all wear the same clothes, eat the same food and rub shoulders walking down the same halls. I have talked to numerous terrorists and serial killers since I have been down, it is a little sureal.