I came to Terre Haute in March of last year. I was put into a cell with a drug addict. I never saw anyone snort or shoot up before this point, except in movies of course. As an avid drug user, he sold anything and everything he could so that he could get his next “fix.” Therefore, typical cell furnishings, for example and including plastic chairs, were all gone. One of the first people who approached me when I arrived and talked to me was Jay. He helped me get a chair for myself. Later, I learned he was a Satanist (Worshipper of Satan) and was the head of the local satanist group here in Terre Haute. One thing they do is recruit people to sell their souls to Satan or Lucifer. I didn’t realize that’s who he was at the time. After helping me with the chair, he asked me if I would be willing to read something for him, so ignorantly I agreed. I realized in short order he was trying to recruit me. I nicely turned him down and told him I am a Christian. He continued to try to convince me to sign up. He told me of all the benefits I could enjoy for selling my soul. Again I turned him down. Well over the year, I have kept cordial contact with Jay as we see each other often in passing.
I returned to my original unit a month or so ago and noticed Jay had left the unit for two weeks. It’s common for people to be moved for many reasons: going to the SHU, being transferred to another prison or unit, so I didn’t think much of it. Then he returned, which is not common, especially that quick. I began talking to Jay this past week and learned he was in the hospital for two weeks, and has final stage cancer in his kidneys and liver. It is not operable. The doctors gave him a few weeks to a month to live.
I asked him if he knew where he would be going when he dies? He sparked interest in this conversation and proudly and confidently said he was looking forward to his place in Hell. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I never have met someone looking forward to hell. So I talked to him about what I believe Hell was like, and told him he had another option. That it wasn’t too late for him. And I asked him if he wanted to hear more about Christ’s love for him? He indulged me and listened for a few minutes but assured me he made up his mind.
I went to bed that night with a deep sadness, different than usual. A sadness for Jay’s soul. It was weird. I never remember feeling this emotional over someone I didn’t know. I realized this sadness didn’t come from me, but was an expression of the sadness of Christ, in me and through me. Christ must be so sad when he is betrayed, denied, or when we turn our back on Him. So, I have made it my goal to form a relationship with Jay, and let Christ’s love shine through me, so if you are reading this, please pray for Jay, pray that he becomes saved.