Ocean Sunset

This was my second painting, but also my first. When you paint with oil, most painters have several projects going on simultaneously as oil takes so long to dry. So, you paint one coat or one stage and let it dry before continuing. Again picking a subject that is close to my heart, I found this sunset in a magazine. Growing up in Bradenton, Fl. we went to the beach often. In fact, while watching a sunset on the beach is when I asked my wife to marry me. So I have some great memories at the beach. I was unhappy with the way the sun turned out in the landscape but it mirrored the subject, closely. It was difficult to make the sand look wet, as the water rolled on top of it. This was my first lesson on how the sun reflection projects across the water. Putting that white foam in the water, after the wave was difficult to make life like. When I sent this painting to my wife, I wrote a love letter that corresponded with the landscape. I shared some of our great memories at the beach. Her Aunt and Uncle graciously purchased this painting and the other canvas and head them professionally framed. They gave it to her for Christmas, from me. These landscapes helped me to realize the peace and happiness painting brings. It takes my mind outside of these prison walls and into happier times with the ones I love.