I went to medical, sick call early in December. I was told I had to see the doctor to get Ibuprofin, 800 mg, for my migraines. I had to wait to get put on a list to see the doctor since it wasn’t urgent. I tried again in January, and then finally gave up. I found I could buy Ibuprofin at the commissary. Well, finally, I was put on a call out to see the doctor this week. Like in a normal doctor’s office, they check your weight, vitals, etc upon checking in. I have been keeping a close watch on my weight, weighing myself at recreation. I was down to the 190s and happy with the progress I was making. I knew lately I have been gaining weight, my clothes are tighter.I knew I
have been eating more unhealthy, and not exercising near as much. (In my defense, its cold here so we haven’t been outside where I usually walk or run the track) Also, I’ve been drinking too much soda (but again, its Coke zero, unless I have a visit). Well I was surprised when the scale said 223! Time to watch what I eat and exercise more. Good luck me. Good bye monster honey buns. Those that visit that read my blog, it doesn’t change anything about the junk food I want to eat during a visit. That doesn’t count! Can I blame it on the lock downs and peanut butter jelly sandwiches that I’ve had 3 times a day for 3 weeks?