Paladin Portrait

So my dad sent me two photos of my Aunt Alice dog. My plan was to only paint one. I liked the dog running at the beach the best, but when I was done I was unhappy about how small the dog was. I decided to paint a portrait of him. In the picture he is laying in the grass by the pool against a metal shed. But I decided just to paint the dog with a flat background, similar to a portrait. Painting a primarily black dog is hard. His eyes, nose was the most difficult as it is lost in the dark shade. My one regret, I didn’t’ let it dry totally before I varnished it, which made a streak right in his face. I was pretty mad at myself. Oil takes a REALLY long time to dry, and too often I rush things. I need to slow down and not rush projects out. I enjoyed painting Paladin again and I hope my Aunt will enjoy this painting.