Daniel and Leann Pye

Their Story

"Being Christlike guarantees that you'll have the most important friend of all: the Savior. He knows what it's like to be misunderstood, lonely, and rejected."

"Be merciful of prisoners as if sharing their imprisonment..." Hebrews 13:3

Our Story

My name is Daniel (Danny) Pye and I created this website as simply a way to tell my story, to share my life, to tell you about the highs and lows of my life. We all have obstacles and life challenges that we have to overcome. We have lost loved ones and been separated from the ones we love the most. The stories shared here are all from the author's perspective, sharing my own thoughts and perspectives. You may not believe everything you read, and that is fine, everyone is welcome.

After a full year now of incarceration, I learned I have to stay busy living, or I will move toward dying. Although I struggle daily with the latter, I am choosing to the former and this is part of that effort. Being imprisoned at one of the highest security level prisons in the country, in fact, the only current Federal facility that houses death row inmates in Terre Haute, Indiana, I find myself in a world I could never have imagined in my worst nightmares.

I will share with you through my blogs some of my stories and also you can find my artwork I am creating as a way to help support the needs of my wife and children. Please share this site with others who may have interest and a desire to give support to them.

I am married to Leann, my high school sweet heart for more than sixteen years now. We have one daughter, twelve years old, a son seven years old and a daughter who is two years old. My wife and I began our life together in Youth Ministry in a local Church, and then felt called and moved to Haiti in 2004 and began a foreign ministry that I operated for several years. Our family lived and served for a little over ten years in Haiti, then returned to the United States and continued overseeing the mission for another two years. We decided to stay in the United States and transition the Haiti mission to another organization based out of Texas to continue the worthy ministry we had helped establish.

As for us, we continued living and working in Texas. I worked for school districts as a Behavioral Specialist as well as at Residential Treatment Centers with both youth and adults.

During that period we hosted an additional twenty foster children over a three year period. I cannot tell you my shock when in early March, 2017, I was arrested and eventually transported to Miami, Florida to stand trial for charges and offenses of which I was not guilty. I was granted bond and re-united with my family for the next seven months, during which time I prepared for trial; a trial with an attorney I could not afford, having to rely only on the helpful support of others.
I lived and relived terrors and nightmares of being accused of sexually abusing young girls who once lived in our orphanage in Haiti, knowing in my heart it was never true, wondering why anyone would want to paint me as such a horrible person. Heartbroken doesn't even begin to describe accurately the emotions I've felt all these many months and still feel. Of course I have made many mistakes in my life and hurt the children and ministry many times over unintentionally, but please believe me when I tell you with God as my witness, that I have never sexually abused any children.

So we started the journey of fighting in trial to proclaim my innocence. The Prosecution offered me to serve ten years in prison for these crimes of which I was innocent. I could not in any good conscience take that offer because I knew and still know that I am not guilty. It would have required that I lie under oath and I could and would not do that. They made other offers, but each time I turned them down for the same reasons, always assuming the truth would come out in a fair trial and I would be exonerated.

Sadly disillusioned by the legal process I discovered that was not the case and I was found guilty of three out of the four counts for which I was being charged and tried, of traveling internationally with the intent to sexually exploit a minor. I was sentenced by the judge to forty years in prison.

Currently, I am in the middle of the legal appeal process, and my court-appointed attorney (we cannot afford to hire a private attorney), is very optimistic about many aspects of my appeal. I now find myself waiting until there is some kind of a ruling from the judge, I trying my best to make the best of a horrible situation.

I began painting as an outlet for stress and depression last fall, and currently I spend the majority of my time painting at the recreation center or writing in my cell. It has been one of the best ways to sustain my focus on life. If you would like to purchase one of my original paintings or a print, please go the Artwork page on this site. If you're interested in my writing, please consider subscribing to my regular blog that can be found on this website.

Anyone is welcome to contact Daniel Pye by writing letters to the following address, or sign up to e-mail correspond using Corrilinks access. Thank you for taking the time and visit often as art work and stories will be updated often.
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